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Studying for tests is your child's job.
But you can make ite easier by following these suggestions.

Make school a priority. Require homework to be done every day. Encourage good attendance.

And keep in touch with teachers. They can recommend ways to help at home.

Don't put too much pressure on your child. If you're overly worried about tests, they probably will be too.
That makes it harder to do well.

Judge your child success by their effort more than their grades. If they study hard but fail, compliment them for trying.
Help them learn from their mistakes.

Build your child's confidence. Tell them you belive they can and will succeed. And show your pride when they do!

Review test terms with your child, such as match, list, compare and contrast. These words appear on many kind of tests. 

Help with learning. Go through flash cards with your child. Call out vocabulary words. Or let him teach you something.

Information taken from Homework & Study Skills 2011 The Parent Institute 

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