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Greetings Students and Parents!

Portrait of Principal EvansWelcome to A.Z. Kelsey Academy!   It is with great pleasure and excitement that I greet you. We have a staff that is dedicated to your educational growth. We encourage our students to study hard, be diligent, and display self-discipline. In order to be academically successful it takes determination, dedication and an investment of time. Attendance is extremely important in making sure that students receive consistent instruction. I hope that you will reflect on past actions and set goals that will assist you in growing both academically and socially. I encourage students and parents to have discussions about lessons learned and future plans. Now is the time to move forward and make a positive difference in your education.

It is important that you and your parents are aware of important school system poli­cies and procedures, as well as academic and behavioral expectations. Everyone associated with Griffin-Spalding County Schools is dedicated to providing a safe, orderly, productive learning environment for students. We will all need to work collaboratively to ensure that each student is receiving the best possible education.

The handbook provides a wealth of information that will help you throughout the year. To read all of the BOE policies and procedures, please access policies by visiting You also will find additional helpful resources— calendars, information on the school nutrition program, etc. on the website. Our enforcement of the policies and procedures assures that we value and protect every student’s education and their right to learn in a safe environment.

We encourage every student and parent to review the contents of this handbook and to work with school staff to achieve our academic and safety goals so that all students may enjoy a quality and effective education.

I look forward to working with each of you this school year!


Stephanie Evans

Mission: A.Z. Kelsey Academy utilizes character and standards-based education in a non-traditional setting to inspire academic and social progress to ensure that students are college and career ready.

Vision: A.Z. Kelsey Academy will be a focused, caring, environment where students will invest time to make progress towards reaching their full potential.

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Stephanie Evans
(770) 229-4365

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