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A.Z. Kelsey Administration
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Principal and Assistant Principal

Welcome Message
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Dear Parents, Students and Community Members, 

Dr. Joshua PittmanI am honored to serve as your principal of A.Z. Kelsey Academy and Achievement Center! I come to A.Z. Kelsey with 16 years of experience in education. I served 8 years as a classroom teacher in Henry and DeKalb County Schools. During that time I taught special education general curriculum, business education, and audio/video, technology and film. I also coached Junior Varsity and Varsity Football and Basketball.
I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies from Mercer University, Master of Arts in Instructional Technology from Troy State University, Specialist in Educational Leadership from Mercer University, and  Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Kennesaw State University. As an assistant principal at Griffin High School for five years, I served over areas such as Literacy Instruction, Professional Learning, and School Operations during that time. All of those experiences led to such a great opportunity to serve as principal of A.Z. Kelsey. 
A.Z. Kelsey Academy is a school that serves students who desire to be in a smaller, more personalized learning environment with some traditional opportunities.  A.Z. Kelsey Achievement Center serves students who have experienced behavioral challenges at their home-based school and have been sent A.Z. Kelsey through a disciplinary tribunal. The goal for our students in this specific program is to change their mindset, behavior, and actions so that it will positively change their outcomes. Our Main Areas of Focus for this school year will be increasing Content Mastery, Student Attendance, School Climate, Parent Engagement and our Graduation Rate.
Our core values are Character Education and providing a Standards-Based Education for our students each and every day. The school hashtag for this school year is #StayCommitted. Our motto throughout this year will be Changing Lives by Changing Mindsets. We will work tirelessly to support your child academically, behaviorally, emotionally, and socially. We will utilize a culture of support that is modeled by educators and exhibited by our student body. As your principal, I assure that A.Z. Kelsey will consistently be a place that inspires, celebrates and maximizes student achievement. 
During the course of the last two school year(s) AZ Kelsey Academy has been able to achieve a 76% graduation rate. This achievement was possible with the implementation of rigorous instruction, attendance protocols, enrollment procedures, customer service, and other safety nets to ensure student success. 
Your support toward our school is definitely welcomed in our learning environment! You can help by making sure that your child attends school every day and is on time to school each morning. Students should plan to be at school by 7:15 am, so that they can have adequate time to eat breakfast and arrive to their 1st block of instruction on time. Additionally, you can assist by positively communicating with the school, serving on school council, volunteering, mentoring, attending parent conferences/school events, and/or student celebrations. 
Ultimately, I look forward to serving your child and you. Please feel free to contact the school with any questions, ideas, comments, and/or concerns. Thank you for your continued support!

Joshua Pittman, Ed.D.
A.Z. Kelsey Academy

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